1.2 GHz repeater before install

900 MHz install

Repeater System

Owned & Operated By
Tom Jungmeyer
Fort Collins, CO


927.950 MHz
25 MHz - offset
100 Hz pl

1283.550 MHz
12 MHz - offset
100 Hz pl

Fort Collins 1st amateur MOTOTRBO repeater
Hosted by NĜAOL at same site as the 1.2 GHz machine
MHz  - offset
Use Color Code 2 on both time slots
TS 1 - DMR-MARC World Wide network, use group call 1, used
for the World Wide Net every Saturday at 10:00 am MT.
DMR-MARC North American, South Pacific network only, use group call 3,
used primarily unless you are trying the reach "across the pond"
TS 2 - Local, use group call 2
Programming Tutorial
List of Colorado MotoTrbo Repeaters

IRLP Node 3902 - 446.100 MHz Simplex

 Covering the Northern Colorado Front Range and
Into the Denver Metro Area

My repeaters are open access to all amateur operators that want to experiment with these bands

        The 900 MHz machine is the newest machine and is located with the NCARC machines on Horsetooth Mountain.  This machine is a matched pair of Motorola MaxTracs with 25 watt output,  Angle Linear pre-amp and a Comet KP-20 with 9.2 dBi gain with fairly short hard line (about 40').

        The 1.2 GHz machine is co-located with the 447.450 - offset 123 Hz pl machine at KCØRBT's house,  high above Southwest Fort Collins near Hoorsetooth Reservoir.   This machine is an Icom RP-1220 with 10 watts and a Comet GP-21 with 14.9 dBi gain with short hard line (about 25') feeding for quite good effective radiated power.

The 900 MHz K1TJ Screwdriver Antenna!


Technical Crew - Thanks to all that have helped!

Dave Eckhardt - WØLEV
Jim Wilson - KCØRBT
Eric Slutz - NØEAS

Scott Borchard - NØCPU
George Salzmann - ABØSF
Tom Jungmeyer - K1TJ

More of my station can be seen at http://www.qrz.com/db/k1tj.

Repeater Control - Login Required


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